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Drop 'Em: Fights in the Stanley Cup Final

Fighting and enforcers have had their place in the game for as long as the sport of hockey has existed. Love it or hate it, hockey's a physical game, and from time to time, that involves two willing opponents squaring off and dropping the gloves. Fights in regular season games happen for a number of reasons, often a player coming to the aide of a teammate or trying to spark a change in momentum for his team. The playoffs however are a different animal, a time when discipline has to override raw emotion in order to earn hockey's ultimate prize. As the postseason progresses further towards the final, series may be physical, but old time fist fights become few and...

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North of the Border

If hockey is truly Canada's game, it seemed only right to extend my recent business trip to Toronto and squeeze in a day of hockey tourism. I was delighted (to say the least) upon arriving to learn that the Hockey Hall of Fame and Air Canada Centre were both within walking distance of my hotel, and I was determined to make the most of it. Note: I've been anxiously awaiting this trip since July, so this blog has been a long time coming. Mural by David Arrigo outside the Hall (left), Jacques Plante's mask in the Habs locker room (right) Like a kid on Christmas morning, my first order of business for the day was to walk down Yonge Street...

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